Team ‘Fit’

Written by Thomas Eckardt on 16th November, 2021

What does it mean to find the right ‘fit’? How can you make the best decision possible under interview conditions.


The Industry Trend

There is a trend now towards psychological testing. I don’t have the answer as to whether this is good or bad. However, the fact is that it is becoming more common. The good news is that you really cant fake or cheat these tests, you also cant really prepare for them, they are long and repetitive for a reason. The other good news is that the results are helpful for both parties!


The ‘team meet’

Meeting the team is the best way to get a better understanding of culture. Most firms will offer this as a final stage and I would highly recommend meeting informally if possible. Just remember that it is still part of the interview process!

At this point it is important that you think back over what you were looking to change about your current role. What were the aspects of this new position that you liked and why was it originally the right career step for you. This will help to inform your ‘coffee chat’ with the team.


Social Media

Hopefully by this stage you have looked at the company’s website and what it states as its values/mission statement. If not, do so now! Also, look into the company’s social media presence, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram are all great places to get more of a ‘feel’ for what the company is trying to achieve.


The Friend

Friends are great sources of information. However, be wary. A friend can be consciously, or unconsciously, biased for or against an organisation/individual for many reasons. Just because they have/haven’t heard or experienced good/bad things doesn’t mean you will have the same experience.

If you are going to work in the exact same team as a friend then obviously they will be a great source of information. If not, then you will likely have different experiences. Has the company changed since your friend worked there? Companies do change and improve (hopefully) over time so things might be very different now.


Your consultant

A consultant should be working with you to find the right fit. It is their job to have some idea of the company culture. They should have made some level of judgement call early in the recruitment process to try to pair you with a company that fits. However, always ask. Ask as many questions as you can think of, ask now or forever hold your peace.

If you want a second opinion please get in contact.


Trust your gut

At the end of the day your gut knows best.