When we think about changing jobs, it is easy to experience a range of emotions. What if the next role is not as good as my current role?  What if the team is not a good fit? Or what if I don’t get the flexibility I need?

When this occurs, it is important to think about why you considered moving to a new role in the first place. Often, it is because our current role does not align with our priorities, or a better opportunity has arisen. So, when faced with a new opportunity, it is important to consider the benefits the role could bring and what we can do to make it a success.

It helps to:

  • Establish priorities – New job opportunities will be successful if they align with our priorities. So, what do you prioritise? Is it more money? Is it a job that can give you career progression? Or is it a job that can give you flexibility?
  • Being transparent with our future employer: When you are clear about your priorities, it gives you the power to pursue what you want. As such, it is crucial to ask potential employers the right questions to establish if the role aligns with your needs.
  • Negotiation: It can be easy to get intimidated when negotiating what you want. Using a recruiter can ensure your needs are comfortably discussed at all stages of the process.
  • Analysing an offer: The fear of the unknown can cause employees to reject new positions without thinking long-term. Analyse your current role against the prospective role. Look at the salary, look at the benefits, look at the flexibility and most importantly, look at how you are treated. Are you valued? Are you happy?
  • Taking a chance: Taking a new role is a risk. But if you are unhappy in your current role and you have followed a thorough interview process that has allowed you to gather the relevant information, the risk may pay off, especially if you are being offered a higher salary.

If you are considering making a move, EG Consulting can assist you. We are specialised in legal careers, and we will be sure to ask the tough questions- so you don’t have to. Relying on us is a trusted way of getting all relevant information, interview preparation and friendly assistance if any problems occur.