2018 Goals – Setting and keeping them


Keeping New Year GOALS is hard. Statistically nearly 80% of people who set resolutions/goals in the New Year will already have given up on them. Why?

“Motivation gets you started. Habit Keeps you going” John Rohn. I’m a sucker for inspiration quotes (as anyone who follows EG on Instagram will know). This one makes a lot of sense. Getting started is obviously tough (use new year to get things going). However, continuing is clearly harder. A habit is hard to shift, therefor change your start into a habit. Research suggests that it takes 21 days for something to become a habit. 21 days is now the aim.


5 tips for keeping your goals

  1. OUTSOURCE – It seems lazy. However, the best way to keep to something is to outsource your motivation for doing something. If you want to get into shape then spend the money and commit to a personal trainer. If you want to move jobs outsource your search to a recruiter. If you want to learn a language sign up for a course.
  2. REWARD – We are programmed to be motivated by reward. Set yourself a target (eg. Lose 5Kg) and when you achieve that treat yourself to [insert dream item].
  3. DON’T CRITICISE – Do not criticise yourself. Don’t make yourself feel bad because you missed a day at the gym or you ate a bad meal. Make sure that you are keeping
  4. WRTE IT DOWN – We are visual creatures. If you make the effort to write down and look at your goal on a daily basis you will constantly reinforcing what you want to achieve.
  5. TALK ABOUT IT – By telling your friends and family your goals they will reinforce to you how great they are and keep you motivated to achieve them.


Moving Job – career goal

One area that EG can really help with is the resolution to moves jobs this year.  Common resolutions around job search:

  1. This year I will save for a house/save more/holiday more etc – Essentially, more money. If you can get the bonus/pay rise internally then that’s great. Hopefully your current role will fund your lifestyle and aims. If not, then lateral moves attract the largest increases in salary (over 10% generally).
  2. This year I want to move internationally – The international legal recruitment market is still strong. The London market is still the easiest route for Australian lawyers. However, Hong Kong, Dubai and Singapore are also possible (The US is very hard).
  3. This year I want to make SA – A lateral move on the understanding that SA title will be on the table at the half year point is possible. Generally, SA occurs at about 5 years PQE. If you are at that stage and don’t think that it will happen internally then it might be time to look at external options.
  4. This year I will have a work life balance – it is tough to achieve in law (see article on achieving WL balance). However, in-house roles tend to offer better WL balance and the in-house market is looking busy already this year (depending on your area of expertise).
  5. This year I will build my career – If this year is about building yourself for the future, consolidating and growth, then moving to an organisation that helps you broaden/mentors your skill set is the way to go.

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