In the previous Movember article I talked about some of the pressure and stress that I have felt over the past couple of years after starting my recruitment consultancy. I stand by the fact that the most important thing to do when you are struggling is to talk. In this article I wanted to talk about the other method I have found that works to improve mental wellness. Movement.

This year one of the options for Movember is a move challenge. Either individually or as a team you can set a target to cover a set distance in the month (The guys have set themselves the challenge of covering at least 85km each in the month). It’s a fantastic idea and the positive effect moving (walking, running, swimming, going to the gym etc) has on mental wellness is well known and documented.

Personally, I have always been an active person and enjoy getting outside as often as possible. In the past year this has changed form something that I do because I was told to at school, to something I need to do to manage the stress and pressures of work. I encourage all of our team to go on walks/runs/swims etc during the day (at any time during the day, not just lunch!). There is a proven link between physical activity and improved mental states. The post exercise ‘glow’ (after the sweat has washed off!) is a genuine brain chemistry response. In recruitment (and in law, and any number of other jobs) we are on the phone a lot, we spend long hours in front of the computer, we can get a lot of negative responses and can feel like we have no control. Whenever that gets too much, move. Go for a run, go for a walk, go to the gym, go for a swim, move.

When you move you make a mental shift from dealing with something that you cant control (other peoples choices and actions) to something you can (your personal actions). The increased health benefits of moving, coupled with taking an element of control back into your life will help you get through the day.

At EG we try to get outside as often as possible. I actively encourage everyone who works with me to spend time everyday focussing on themselves. It works. The workplace is a happier and more productive place as a result. Its more than a value, it’s an effort to combine work and life.

Our team are raising funds this November, I am growing a Mo, and the rest of the team are MOVING, If you would like to donate to our fundraising efforts :