Being interested in the current job market isn’t a crime and doesn’t mean that you are going to leave your current place of work tomorrow.

Are you;

  1. Unhappy or feeling unfulfilled? – if this is the case then please consider a change. Mental wellness is often overlooked and must be actively managed.
  2. Curious? – This is the “what if” scenario. Everything could be great but “what if” you could find a role that was your dream. Jobs are dictated by people and therefore they are all unique.
  3. Looking to progress? – Sadly, internal promotions are often slow and very structured, whereas you can move directly into a more senior position at another firm. You can accelerate your career significantly.
  4. Saving for a house/car/holiday/family? – loyalty doesn’t pay. Lateral moves attract a much higher salary increase (15-20% on average) than internal promotions (3-8%). If you are already working hard, you may as well get paid for it!
  5. Looking for Inspiration? – There may be roles available that speak directly to your values. Working in not-for-profit, 9-day fortnights, 4-day weeks, big deals, Environmentally friendly etc.
  6. Just looking for some Career Advice? – If you want to know what is possible with your career then talk to a recruiter. It is our job to give you
  7. Worried about internal changes? Things can change rapidly. Large companies don’t, indeed can’t, put an individual before the benefits of the whole firm. If things change quickly, then you have to be aware of what else you can do.
  8. Aware of your value? Even if you have no intention of leaving, making your current employer aware that you are a valuable part of any business is vital.

Essentially if you are open to opportunities then it doesn’t mean that you will act on all of them. Every conversation has value, and all information can be of use. EG Consulting is a recruitment consultancy that focusses on the legal and financial services sectors and we are always happy to have a general chat about the market on a confidential/no commitment basis.


If you want to have a chat please don’t hesitate to get in touch with either of us or 0423261608 or or 0420880935