1. Conducting a personal assessment – Have you:
    1. Reached your goals?
    2. Learned all you need from this role?
    3. Exceeded expectations?
    4. Build your internal ‘brand’?
    5. Taken a step closer to your ultimate career goal?


  1. Gathering market information – Have you:
    1. Seen what salary trends are like at the moment?
    2. Looked at your competitors, are they busy?
    3. Looked at the wider areas of work, are they busy/depressed?


  1. Arrange a meeting with your manager prior to your review – Have you:
    1. Scheduled regular meetings with your manager to discuss your targets and progress?
    2. Set out an agenda for what you want to cover in your review?
    3. Got your manager ‘on-side’ your performance reflects theirs, they should want to help you succeed
    4. Been honest about what you want to achieve, now and in the future?


  1. Document your achievements – Have you:
    1. Documented instances where you have exceeded expectations?
    2. Documented extra activities you have performed?
    3. Highlighted key matters where you have taken the lead?


  1. Ask for more money – Have you:
    1. Spoken honestly and openly about your salary expectations?
    2. Practiced how you will broach the subject (Don’t say, “I deserve” or “I want”, instead say “I want to discuss salary” as this opens it up to talk about your value rather than your pay)
    3. Keep the discussion about your performance value rather than your personal situation
    4. Got a figure in mind, and justified this
    5. Don’t give a range