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Less is More – Why should you consider Recruiter Exclusivity

Looking for a new job is often stressful, particularly if you are under pressure to find a new position suddenly

Which London law firms should I work for in 2022?

If you are a lawyer considering a move to London, you might wonder which law firm in the UK will

State of the Legal Market – Mid-Year Review

Competition lawyers are in exceptional demand thanks to growth in merger and acquisition deals, while the ‘War for Talent’ and

Australian legal firms kick off 2022 with recruitment spree

Australia’s legal market has had a busy start to the year, with law firms across the sector making high-profile hires.

International relocation guide

International Relocation Guide

International Relocations by Australian Lawyers – 2019 vs 2020 & predicting 2021

There was a 91% decrease in international relocations (Australian lawyers moving to London, Hong Kong, New York and Singapore) from

How to negotiate a salary increase during a pandemic

Pay Negotiations during a Pandemic Pay negotiations are tough at the best of times, particularly within the legal industry where

Corporate law – Looking ahead

“Predicting rain doesn’t count. Building Arcs does.”  – Warren Buffet The life of a corporate M&A ‘deal junky’ lawyer at

Year in Review Part 3 – Non-Partner to Partner moves

Over the past weeks, EG Consulting has been publishing a series of articles and illustrations to share our insights into

Year in review Part 2 – In-House

Continuing our review of last year, EG Consulting will publish a series of articles and illustrations to share our insights

Year in Review Part 1- Lateral Partner Moves

Over the coming weeks, EG Consulting will publish a series of articles and illustrations to share our insights into the #legalmarket from

How does your law firm’s response to COVID-19 compare to its competitors? Part 1: BigLaw

Most Australian law firms have now announced the measures that they plan to implement to combat the initial impact of

Lawyers, are you planning for the future?

The monitor is set up, Wi-Fi finally sorted and you are no longer spending three hours on the phone with

What happens next?

Let’s start by saying; stay safe, stay home, stay positive. This is a period of uncertainty, anxiety and, of course,

State of the Legal Market 2019/2020

State of the Legal Market Lawyers generally are very time poor which makes it difficult to have a good understanding

Will the future legal world be gender-balanced?

“The future is exciting. Let’s build a gender-balanced world. Everyone has a part to play – all the time, everywhere”,

Reviewing 5 Mindfulness Apps

As we are trying to raise awareness and funds for the Movember Foundation (Please refer to photos and if you

An approach to managing mental wellness at work

In the previous Movember article I talked about some of the pressure and stress that I have felt over the

Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental health in the workplace is beginning to receive the attention it deserves, but more still needs to be done.

Want a better salary rise?

Asking for more money is tough. According to job board data and our own research almost half of the working population

8 reasons why it’s OK to be interested in the job market

Being interested in the current job market isn’t a crime and doesn’t mean that you are going to leave your

5 things your should be doing in your review

Conducting a personal assessment – Have you: Reached your goals? Learned all you need from this role? Exceeded expectations? Build

Job Searching – A step by step guide

The ‘who, what, why, when, where‘ approach Step 1 – Why? Start with the why Define why you are looking

New Year 2018 (Making and keeping resolutions)

2018 Goals – Setting and keeping them   Keeping New Year GOALS is hard. Statistically nearly 80% of people who

5 things you can do NOW to help reduce work stress

One of the things most people talk to us about is wanting to achieve a better work life balance. Most

Things to remember as a final year law student

Towards the end of final year at law school, we are divided into two camps. Those of us who have

Interview – ClearView – What is it like in-house?

Interview with Elizabeth Briggs (Head of Legal) In this new feature, we wanted to give you an inside look at

How to make a Million Dollars as a Lawyer

“Work hard in school, do well at university, work really hard throughout your career and you’ll be set for life”

Associate to Senior Associate

Making the transition from Associate to Senior Associate is clearly set out in every law firm. Everyone knows the path

What is involved in private practice as a junior lawyer?

Working as a lawyer in private practice at the early stages of your career can vary depending on the firm

Interviewing – Legal Interviews

Firstly, congratulations! You have an interview. Celebrate that win. It is a tough market generally for legal professionals who are

Projects Lawyer – Renewable Energy Company

This start-up renewable energy company is looking to hire a projects lawyer with at least 4 years of experience.

Sydney Full Time $180000 - $250000

Projects Lawyer – Legal Counsel Renewable Energy Company

Sydney $

Private Equity Lawyer – US Law Firm – London

One of the white-shoe law firms in London is looking to hire into their private equity team. Excellent salary, amazing work, tough billable hour targets.

London Full Time $150000 - $250000